About ICON United Kingdom

Igbo Community Network (ICON) UK, was formed with the aim to focus on the wellbeing of Igbos living UK. This organisation aims to harness opportunities that will strengthen and impact knowledge on individuals of Igbo extraction that are living and working in UK.

The good news is that most Igbo people in the UK are quite successful in their chosen profession or business.
Igbo Community Network (ICON) is an organisation that is focused on bringing together, Igbo men and women with various skill sets for the collective advancement of Ndi Igbo nile.

To promote collaboration amongst our members
Encourage our involvement in UK politics
Empower members towards career advancement
Help with resources and skills for business development
Promoting and showcasing Igbo culture


Aims and objectives of the event

Following an extensive survey, this organisation identified some problems affecting the Igbo community in the UK. Some of the problems identified were:
1) inability of many of Igbos resident in UK to access health care provisions due to structural and/or procedural obstacles
2) inability of many of Igbos to obtain adequate legal advice or representations in matters that affect their ability to live in uk
3) inability of many igbo people to have opportunities to enhance their career or engage in daily endeavors that will enable them to earn a living or residual income as the case may be due to societal constraints
In view of the foregoing, ICON arranged a workshop for the 27 May 2017 at Bilt Mansions Deptford London SE8 for Igbo people resident in UK to have FREE, yes it’s FREE consultations with medical practitioners, lawyers and career development professionals as well as assessment of business opportunities.
Therefore we urge every Igbo person in the UK to attend the event.
More information will be made available in due course.

What you’ll discover at this workshop

ICON will continue to engage with other Igbo organisations in finding lasting solutions to various issues but, our main mission remains the betterment of Ndi Igbo living in UK.

ICON will support Ndi igbo in Uk achieve professionalism in our different fields of endeavour

We are here to usher you into a new era of your stay in the United Kingdom, Welcome to ICON.

ICON will deal with multiple questions during the workshop and subsequent meetings

We will collaborate with well meaning Foreign organizations provide long lasting solutions Ndi Igbo.