Join us LIBERATE THE SPIRIT OF THE IGBO NATION as ICON takes her place United Kingdom

ICON United Kingdom

At ICON, we recognise that most of us Ndi Igbo living in the UK today originally arrived here with the aim to spend one or two years. Some of us even came on holiday. As time went by we’ve told ourselves that we will soon go back home. And for that reason, we have all put so much effort in maintaining contact in ala-Igbo in preparation for our return home.

Many of us have spent 10, 20 or even more than 30 years in Obodo Oyibo.
We’ve gotten married, have a family, our children got older and so on.
Yet most of us still dream of going back home soon. However, we don’t want to leave our family behind. We become very cautious and don’t want nsogbu di na Nigeria.

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From ICONs President

What Igbo Community Network (ICON) UK stands for

Igbo Community Network (ICON) UK, was formed with the aim to focus on the wellbeing of Igbos living UK.
This organisation aims to harness opportunities that will strengthen and impact knowledge on individuals of Igbo extraction that are living and working in UK.

Pin ICON 2017 Workshop Location!

Bilt Mansions, London SE8 4QN, United Kingdom

ICON will continue to support Ndi-Igbo find lasting solutions to various issues…Join the workshop